Smart technologies for business

Growing globalisation, a dynamically changing business environment and increasingly fierce competition force organizations to develop and invest in new technologies. Although it might seem that already computerized systems are optimal and quite efficient, in business the lack of development may mean inevitable regress.

Smart technologies for business

Many companies are confronted with a reality where customer expectations are increasing, delivery times are being reduced and products are more and more often customized for specific customers. Manufacturers have to face new challenges: flexible adaptation to market requirements and an innovative approach to managing their business.

At this point, so-called "smart business technologies", commonly known as IIoT (Industrial Internet of Thing), come to the aid of entrepreneurs. In a nutshell, they consist in "extending" the capabilities of machines and devices with new, additional functions, enabling communication over the network. 

We have conducted many conversations with owners and presidents of production companies, which showed that the greatest resistance among entrepreneurs, before the introduction of IIoT technology, results in high implementation costs and too frequent need for additional reconstruction of ICT networks. The answer to these concerns is the product offered by EBKF. It is a system operating in the SaaS model (commonly referred to as "clouds"), thanks to which it is possible to reduce the costs of system implementation, reduce the costs of system maintenance, as well as access to data 24/7 from any place in the world. The EBKF system is an innovative and modular tool, allowing for detailed monitoring and improvement of production processes and comfortable and flexible business management. The system gives the possibility to connect practically every device to the network, and thanks to the use of specialized sensors and algorithms the machine "becomes smart". The collected data is analyzed, interpreted and presented in a form convenient for the user through a website or mobile application. In case of detection of programmed events, the system automatically makes decisions on the application of a specific action, thanks to which we can automate a significant part of processes. This approach allows us to make key decisions faster and eliminate human error. EBKF's solution is flexible and allows you to connect machine trains in stages to the system, without the need for a single overall cost of implementation and installation. Successive connection of subsequent machine assemblies allows for a better understanding of the system's capabilities and clarification of expectations and real needs of the company. Thanks to the EBKF solution it is possible, among others, to monitor working time, manage the fleet and reduce its maintenance costs, optimize production processes by increasing machine efficiency, and organically count unexpected downtimes and failures.

If you are considering optimization in the above areas or are interested in our offer, please contact us. We will provide you with our solution free of charge for testing purposes. And if you like what you see, we will implement it in your company.   See for yourself!